The Port Fairy Tyre and Battery Service team has a genuine focus on good, old fashioned service.

We have a proud “can do” attitude and are ready to respond to all your requests and questions.

Mobile Service

Need new tyres for your tractor or other farm machinery?

We’ll come to you for on-farm tyre replacement or repair to minimise disruption to your business.

We also offer an after hours service – because we understand that things can go wrong outside of business hours!

After hours service: (03) 5568 2218.

Courtesy Car and Coffee

Take advantage of our free courtesy car when you drop your vehicle in for tyres, servicing, repairs or a new battery.

And have a coffee on us whilst you’re at it!

We are delighted to provide you with a coffee voucher so you can relax in seaside Port Fairy whilst we go to work on your car.

Pick up/drop off service

As well as our courtesy car, we also offer a pickup/drop off service.

Simply give us a call to arrange a time that suits for us to come and collect your vehicle. We’ll drop it back to you when the work is done! Convenience plus!

Give us a call

Tyre Care

There are a number of things you can do to prolong the life of your tyres, help you save money and keep your family safe on the road.

Check your tyre pressure regularly
Tyres lose pressure all the time, even under ideal driving conditions. Under or over-inflated tyres don’t wear evenly won’t last as long as tyres with even pressure. Tyre pressure can also affect your car’s handling and fuel efficiency.

Rotate your tyres
Rotating your tyres every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometres or every six months – whichever comes first. This will help to ensure they wear evenly.

Check the tyre treads regularly
Things to keep an eye out for:

  • Visible wear bars. If you can see those little bars of hard rubber, it means your tyres need replacing.
  • If your tread is less than 1.6mm deep, it’s time to get new tyres!
  • Foreign objects lodged in the tread. This happens all the time and they’re usually easy to remove. But if you think it may have gone through the rubber, bring it in so we can check it for you.
  • Tyres worn on the outside. It can be a sign that your tyres are under-inflated, which may mean you’re using more fuel than you need to.
  • Tyres worn in the centre. This could be a sign your tyres are over-inflated, which may put you at risk of a tyre blowout.
  • Feathered appearance at the edges. A saw-toothed pattern or feathery appearance at the edges of your tyres could be a sign that you need a wheel alignment.
  • Uneven wear across your tyres. Usually, the front tyres will wear more quickly. But if you notice one is wearing more than the other, we suggest you have your suspension checked. If wear is greater on one side of your car, it may be time for a wheel alignment.