What We Do


We provide new tyres and tyre repairs for all makes and models of vehicle.

From heavy equipment and farm machinery, through to passenger vehicles, motorcycles, performance cars and four-wheel drives – we’ve got you covered!

Ask us about our special on-farm service.

We stock quality brands, including Sumitomo, Bridgestone,
BF Goodrich, Falken, Cooper, Hankook and Gecko.

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The battery in your vehicle does a lot more than just start your car.

The electronic engine management systems, advanced stereo systems and accessories in most modern vehicles draw a lot of power.

Your battery constantly provides power to these functions, so it needs to be carefully tended to.

Regular servicing will help to prolong your battery’s life and keep your car powering on. But when the time comes for replacement, we are able to recommend the best battery for your vehicle.

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Wheel balancing and alignment

A wheel balance redistributes weight around individual tyres to improve safety and performance and extend the life of the tyre.

Using specialised equipment, we are able to locate heavy spots in your tyres, balancing them by attaching a weight on the opposite side.

When might it be time to have your wheels balanced?

  • When you notice unusual vibrations whilst driving.
  • If you notice that your tyres sound particularly noisy.
  • When you are replacing or rotating your tyres.

When we conduct a wheel alignment for your vehicle, we precisely measure and position the wheels to ensure the least amount of wear for your tyres.

Unaligned wheels can wear more quickly and less evenly, so we recommend that you have your wheels aligned twice a year.

When might it be time to have a wheel alignment?

  • If your car pulls in either direction or “wanders” when you are driving.
  • If you notice uneven wear on your tyres.
  • If you have hit a pothole or kerb a little harder than you meant to!
  • When you are replacing or rotating your tyres.

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Servicing and brake repairs

When it comes to safety, your brakes are one of the most important considerations.

We recommend regular checks to your brakes, but please come to see us right away if you notice any of the following:

  • The brake warning light on your car’s dash illuminates.
  • Squealing or screechy sounds when you apply your brakes.
  • Having to press the brakes harder than you usually would.

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